Hungarian Smiles Dental Vacations

Q.  How much can I expect to save by having treatment in Hungary?
A.  While each case is different, you can expect to save a minimum of 50% vs. the same treatments and procedures in North America.

Q.  Does Hungarian Smiles Dental Vacations charge a fee for their services?
A.  No, we NEVER charge an additional "booking" or "service' fee for our services. Yes, we arrange everything, from initial quote, to scheduling traveling, appointment times, and monitoring during and after treatment, but there is no extra fee for our services.

Q.  What are the credentials of dentists in Hungary?
A. Because Hungary is a member of the European Union, (EU), it's dentists are certified to work in any EU country including Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, and Belgium, all countries known for high standards in dentistry. Dentists in Hungary must attend dental school for 5 years, followed by a required 2-year residency before being able to practice prosthetic dentistry. They must also complete 250 credits of continuing education every 5 years thereafter. So rest assured, your care will be provided by a dental professional whose qualifications measure up to those of dentists in Canada or the United States.

Q.  What are dental clinics like in Hungary?
A.  Our partner clinics are state of the art facilities that will at the very least rival, and in many cases surpass American clinics when it comes to the utilization of the very latest dental technology, including CT scan tomography, panoramic digital x-ray, and the use of the very latest laser technology.

Q.  How does the quality of materials compare to those used in North America?
A. In most cases, the materials are the same. All of our clinics use the highest quality German manufactured dental materials. Whether you receive implants, crowns, bridges or other prosthetics, you will go home with a guarantee!

Q.  So why exactly is high quality cosmetic dentistry so much less expensive in Hungary than it is at home?
A. In a nutshell, it's a result of lower overall costs, and the fact that Hungary is one of the world's most competitive markets in the field of cosmetic dentistry. By choosing to book your treatment with Hungarian Smiles Dental Vacations, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Budapest, Hungary, one of the most beautiful, historic cities in Europe.

Q.  Is language a problem while being treated in Hungary?
A.  Absolutely not. All dentists and dental assistants in our partner clinics speak English, and in many cases French.

Q.  Are there discounts on hotels for dental patients in Hungary?
A.  Our clinics have contracts with hotels of all levels, please contact Hungarian Smiles Dental Vacations for details.

Q.  How do I book an appointment and arrange travel to Hungary.
A.  One call to us does it all. Please see "Contacts & Scheduling"  page.

Frequently Asked Questions
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